Portable Blower Stove

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Natural fuel is readily available, at $0 cost. Try this portable multi fuel burner with strong aluminum casting, durable, compact folded size, a standard USB interface to connect to a variety of power supplies, High and low controllable flame and USB interface to connect the mobile Power Blower.
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1.Press the spring and unlock.
 2.Open furnaces.
 3.To the furnace.
 4.The furnace according to the well, and adjust the bracket according to pots and pans.
 5.Open the throttle.
 6.Connect to the power supply.
 8.Turn the fan switch.
Add Fuel:
paper, twigs, straw, pine cones, coal, charcoal, etc. Any flammable fuel sources
Expand Size: 240 x 120mm
Folded size: 133 x 117x73mm
BTU output: 6000W
Maximum load: 24KG
Voltage: 3-5V
Motor power: 0.9W
Packaging: plastic box