Outdoor Wood, Alcohol, Solid fuel Camping Stove

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Wood Stove Advantages
1.4 independent detachable parts, folding pan stand, saving space   
2.As the material is wood, it is cost free and can be taken by any transportation. 
3.Double layers stainless steel burners with smart design, which enables the wood to get dry distillation when burning and release wood-gas.Wood-gas spouting from the burning holes, increases the burning efficiency and reduces the emissions of smoke and poisonous gas. Burning time will be shortened as 30%.
4.It can be used as an alcohol stove: putting solid alcohol into it and adjusting to suitable height, then it works. 
Wood Stove Features:
1.Material: stainless steel
2.Color: original of stainless steel
3.Net Weight: 415g
4.Size: Height16.5/ Top13.5/ bottom13cm
5.Unit packing size: 14*14*8(cm)                                                
6.Fuel: wood, paper, branches, charcoal and other combustible material
7.Parts: base 1pc + fuel tray 1pc  + burners 1pc + cookware stand 1pc + Packing bag 1pc
Notes: 1. Common single layer wood stove is working as burning the wood directly, which produces a lot of smoke and ash and with low burning efficiency; but double layers wood stove is to burn the wood-gas not the wood, which is transformed from the wood by dry distillation design.  It solves the problem of the amount of smoke and ash and increases the burning efficiency by up to 30%. Moreover, double layers stove reduces the emissions of smoke and poisonous gases, which is environment-friendly.    
2. When carefully observing the flame, you will find that the flame is not burning on the wood but sprays from holes in the stove wall.