Lanova Brand Winter Sports Helmet

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-Adjustable chin and head straps
-Fleece Lined inner
-Removable fleece ear pieces
-EBS shockproof material
-Rear loop attachment for ski mask securing.
-Matt white finish
-Size large only 59-61cm +- 1cm
CEN1077 Certification:
Standards and testing
Product certification norms include the European CE standard CEN 1077, issued in 1996, The American Society of Testing and Materials F2040, and the Snell RS-98. CEN 1077 permits an impact speed of about approx. 20 km/h, which is far below average skiing speeds. Helmets are tested for effectiveness at about 14 mph (23 km/h), but the typical maximum speed of skiers and snowboarders is approximately twice that speed, with some participants going much faster. At such speeds, impact with a fixed object is likely to be fatal regardless of helmet use. By contrast, in an impact with icy snow wearing a helmet might be the difference between a minor head injury and a significant or life-threatening head injury.
Note: Information taken from Wikipedia last updated 06/02/2017