The 21 Watt solar  charger

Solar Charger -

The 21 Watt solar charger

This is one of our bestselling products and it's not hard to see why. The portability versus weight of this little gadget means that it can easily be stowed in your kit without really noticing it. I've come to find that one of the big drawbacks of wilderness trips is how to efficiently power electronic devices on the go. Large capacity power banks up to 20000mah are readily available and have become quite inexpensive as the technology has progressed. Whilst one of these may be fine for smaller electronics for a couple of days maybe, any longer will require recharging and if the cold is against you you could be looking at flat batteries sooner rather than later. There's a number of electronics you may like to take with you, some of them an absolute necessity. Some means of communications should be at the top of this list in case of emergency, sure if possible pack a PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) - Only to be used of course in a real life emergency. If you just want to check in with loved ones along the way a mobile phone is gonna be essential. :"Now it's 2017!" I hear everyone shouting. "Who doesn't have a mobile phone?" Whilst this is relevant our phones have now become our laptops and our BFF's in some case and whilst our reliance and dependance on these devices has evolved, unfortunately the batteries are still way behind. Your phone is now your MP3 Player, GPS, Camera, Torch, Fitness monitor - That's a lot of jobs to ask of this little gadget! So your gonna be needing a power supply!

This is where our 21 Watt Solar Charger comes into play, do not be fooled by less powerful imitations. The greater the Wattage the more power that can be supplied to your battery bank. This is essential to allow as much power through as possible during daylight hours. Solar technology has evolved such that we no longer need direct solar light and ambient light is sufficient. The easiest way to run this unit is to strap it on the back of your backpack and attach your battery bank safely stowing it in the secure pouch on the solar charger.

 A look at the Specifications:

- 2 x 2 amp USB Connections                               - 1 x Secure pouch with velcro enclosure

- 5 volt delivered at 3.5amp                                   - Dimensions: 16 x 29 x 3 cm folded

-23% Conversion efficiency                                   -Weight: 0.57kg

- Waterproof IPX4 rating                                        - 4 x O ring attachments


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