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Don't let the early nights slow you down, turn night to day with this 300 lumen headtorch.
USB rechargeable to keep you always lighting the way.
Use it biking with the flashing red LED's to warn traffic or keep it in the car for that just in case emergency.
With an IPX4 Waterproof rating you can be sure to be seen whatever the weather.

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How bright is a 15000 lumen headtorch? It's just so confusing and why are there claims of super-powered brightness. The above example is just a marketing stunt. To have a head-torch capable of emitting 15000 lumens you would first need a Low pressure sodium vapor lamp 100-200 lm/W and then a very big battery to power it! If we're talking LED head torches you'll need about 170 Watts of top end LED power to gain 15000 lumens, that equates to about a 12V / 25amp battery which will give you around 2 hours of light! Now although this is achievable with...

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