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The Ashsportz 8L Running vest is new and improved. Most of you will already know this vest from our previous supplier. We spent some time with our design team and the manufacturer to find ways of improving this already great product. We managed to reduce the weight by 25 grams with the new and improved back system. The old vest was using a padded foam, which although very good, did hold water for a longer duration. As runners ourselves we wanted the vest to be as light as possible, so this included better drainage for sweat and wet weather. The...

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Choosing your pack is one of the most important things before heading off out. You'll need something that is waterproof. Something that is comfortable. Something that's strong enough yet not too bulky. The size will depend on how fast you want to move, but as a rule you should aim to get the smallest backpack possible for the gear you want to carry. The bigger you make your Backpack the more stuff you will take and ultimately the harder your journey will be. Try to pack multi-use items only, if you don't think you'll use it don't take it(emergency items are...

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