Stoves & Cookware

Stoves & Cookware

It all depends how long you're going for?

How fast you're planning to move?

What are your resupply points?

How many people are in your group?

Questions like these are fundamental in order to decide which cooking options are best for you and your group. If you're planning on moving fast with small packs you'll be looking to lighten the load as much as possible. Multi Fuel Stoves are heavy and bulky compared to compact gas stoves.

On the other hand if you are taking it slow with all the gear a couple of kilos extra won't make much difference. 2 Litres of Petrol with a multi fuel stove can easily feed a group of 4-6 people for 7-10days.

Will you be able to resupply your cooking fuel along the way? Many of the famous trekking routes are well off the beaten track and you could be out for several days without the chance to buy extra gas canisters for example.

I often head out fastpacking on 2-3 day trips with just a small compact stove and medium 230grams gas cartridge, this is more than enough for 1 person and keeps the weight to a minimum, I can pack my small stove inside my cup to reduce the packing space needed. This is fine for cooking small meals such as noodles or pasta for 1.

If you want to go it wild style, grab one of our Wood stoves. Although slower than a gas stove, wood is unlimited (unless your trekking in the desert!). This stove can be used as an alcohol burner as well. If your travelling during wet periods or in a jungle environment you'll need to be proactive and dry your fuel as you go. Sleeping bags are great for drying things out collect your wood a day in advance and keep it dry in your backpack.

Good cookware with a lid can also help reduce the amount of fuel you use to cook. We have a couple of nice heat exchanger pots which also have a windproof element to them improving even more the heat conversion process.

Note: Always remember before heading out to let someone know the route you are taking and what to do if you don't check in at a specified time. A PLB is advisable along with a first aid kit, whistle, torch and warm kit(these items should be waterproofed and permanently stashed at the bottom of your bag). Things change fast in the wilds so don't get caught out.

For more hints and tips or if you need advice for your next trip, drop us an email at

We're here to help you survive the great outdoors!


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