Kayaking the Bay Of Islands

Dry Bag -

Kayaking the Bay Of Islands

Out and about in the Bay of Islands last summer we were so happy to have our 60 Litre dry bag in tow. It's always so nice to get out on the water exploring the bays and stopping for lunch at the quiet secluded beaches. 

Of course splashing around in the water does come with it's risks and no matter how hard you try there is always some water that gets in! Having a nice bag to keep all your valuables dry and secure makes a big difference and having something with clips that can be secured is just common sense. As the girls found out, it's not only rough seas you capsize in! 

The added bonus of taking our 60 Litre Dry Bag is that it can be inflated and used as a life buoy on the water. This is either achievable by inflating with a hand pump or by mouth. Our Orange colored bag is ideal for use as a diving marker buoy and is highly visible on the water. The practicable multi use applications of these bags are in fact many including an ice bath for cold drinks and a shower bladder which could be hung from a tree or draped over the roof of a van.

Our advice- A happy paddler is a drier paddler with a 60L Dry Bag.

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